Dominique believes her written creative words and advocacy make lasting changes for disabled people— especially her fellow Marylanders on the Eastern Shore

Do you require the input of a disabled person to speak or consult on matters of cultural competency or accessibility? Disability education begins by listening to advocates who live the experience of disability


Dominique has spoken both her original creative written words — as well as spoken as an advocate. For disability speaking arrangements, she has spoken at Unitarian Universalist Church (2020) and will be doing a panel with Community Foundation – United Way, Lower Shore. She believes that channeling her own experience and the necessity of accessibility are vital. She is a key believer in transparency – always.

Her creative performances and speaking performances are adapted, if needed, to accommodate her voice disorder which is a part of her neuromuscular disorder (NMD). Dominique believes that speaking on behalf of disability is pivotal and key to moving ahead to a more inclusive world.

To discuss a speaking arrangement with Dominique, please email her directly.

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