The Girl in the Pink Girl is a digital platform created by a disabled woman who believes that transparency is powerful

My platform is to express the disability experience in all aspects— as a woman, as someone with a NMD, as someone progressing, as a Marylander, and as someone who cares. It is meant to foster strength, resources and love. It was created with the belief that disabled women have voices and those voices deserve to be heard. Not only by my writing, but with their voices too


The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair is a personal website. All writing content is original and my own opinion. Occasionally, I interview members from the disability community. My thoughts are not reflective of said contributors.

My social media platforms are to help engage with the disability community at large. Not all posts shared and or people followed back on my social media platforms are an endorsement of my personal opinions on issues.

I never engage in content that is hateful. I also retain the right to remove comments or contributions (potentially) due to hate speech or inappropriate language towards me or others on my platform. 

If I ever use an affiliate link, the blog post will have an acknowledgment of it. I am always transparent in the content that I produce. If I ever recommend products, local businesses: they are worthy to me of endorsing them. 

For any other questions, please ask. 

This platform believes that honesty is the key to advocacy

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