The Girl in The Pink Wheelchair platform exists to amplify disabled women’s voices, host resources and to be a leader of information for the disability community.

We were founded by a disabled woman who lives on the Eastern Shore of MD. Accessibility and fighting for equality is my passion!

Do you want to be a writer for the site? Share your story? Great! Reach out!

[Image Description: the image above is built into our site and was not able for alternative captions unlike the rest of our images so the ID is here. The logo was designed by Jessica Oddi. You can find her work here. She is also a leader in accessibility— and is a disabled woman.

Description of image: The woman is in her wheelchair, her bra and thigh highs are peeking out. She’s sitting in her pink wheelchair. She’s wearing denim shorts and a tank top. Her legs are crossed; she’s wearing lipstick, as well. Jessica’s signature is on the side. The text reads, “The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair.”]

Creating and Cultivating Spaces for the Voices of Disabled Women!

As a teenager, I had a dream of starting a digital platform where I could elevate and amplify voices. I couldn’t find resources. I couldn’t find platforms where I could find help. I couldn’t find accessible information. I created TGITPW to be a digital platform where women’s voices are not only heard, but honored and amplified.

Your voice matters, your concern matters, and your work is created into a resource to help womyn of all ages.

Every piece, whether written by me or our writers, is here to cultivate a platform of honesty, rawness and resourcefulness for our community.

July is Disability Pride Month!

I’m committed to amplifying the voices of our community every day as well as sharing stories of my own including real life stories such as the accessibility in my own local community! Do you pledge to help me? Let’s make Disability Pride 2020 be memorable even during COVID-19! Email submissions@thegirlinthepinkwheelchair.com

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This is a pink image logo of the The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair. A woman sits cross leg crossed in a wheelchair. The text reads “The Girl in The Pink Wheelchair.”

The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair is a digital platform dedicated to amplifying disabled womxn’s voices. We’re seeking womxn/girls of ages 13+ to submit pieces of writing. 

Please check out our “Submission” section for more info. The minimum age is 13 with consent.

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We want to hear what YOU have to say! Your voice matters, your words matter, and YOU matter! Please reach out with your story to submissions@thegirlinthepinkwheelchair.com

Please be mindful that this organization was created to amplify disabled womxn and girl writers of all ages in our community.

Accessibility to All

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We are committed to accessibility to all— including our non-disabled friends who require access access too. Accessibility is key~ - The Girl in the Pink Wheechair
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We are committed to being accessible to all. That includes disabilities that impact vision, hearing, require mobility aid, etc. — as well as language barrier.

Accessibility to all, including BIPOC (both non-disabled & especially disabled) is our core message. Access to all is the future.

COVID-19 Resources

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Do you have a disability that impacts you to have respiratory weakness that makes masks or shields hard to wear?

U-Penn’s Tom Global team are working on breathable, safer shields and masks for those with weak respiratory muscles lead by Gabrielle Weiss. She is the head of U-Penn’s team. All items are accessible internationally due to TOM, as well as also open sourced. They want your ideas too on how they can help create for the disabled community! Their goal is to help all.

Email: gabiw@tomglobal.org
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Are you a person with a disability that can’t wear a shield or a mask due to respiratory weakness or other disability related issues; i.e. visual acuity or being HoH? Do you have an idea for a disability related device that could improve your life or the life of other disabled people? Keep reading below for more information on this project!

Gabrielle of Tom Global‘s U-Penn team is working on making accessible shields, masks and other accessible designs. If you have an idea (even if it’s not related to PPE), she wants to hear about it! Please contact gabiw@tomglobal.org

Remembering Tasha

Image Description: a woman is sitting in her wheelchair, she is posed with Goofy, Minnie and Mickey at Disney land. She is in her powerchair and has on Mickey ears.
Image Description: a woman is sitting in her wheelchair, she is posed with Goofy, Minnie and Mickey at Disney land. She is in her powerchair and has on Mickey ears.

Rest in peace to one of my dearest friends, Tasha Lynch, who was an admin of the TGITPW FB group. Tasha suffered Mitochondrial disease. I encourage you to research it.

Click here to read Tasha’s posts or click here to read about mitochondrial disease.

Our Proud Partners

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This is the logo for Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters. There’s text that reads, “Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers.” At the bottom it says, “www.delmarvacovidcrafters.com”

The image for the logo is an antique sewing machine with flowers decorating it.
We are proud to partner with Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers. I founded Delmarva COVID Crafters in March— and it has been a project of love. Thank you to all of the organizations (and volunteers) who work besides me to supply PPE and materials to those in need.