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All started by one Marylander woman with a disability with a fierce passion for changing things and creating the outlet that she always wanted.

Featured Advocacy and Media

A 25-year-old woman was surprised with a car parade during quarantine

The Brightside: Getting to know Dominique Sessa, a local philanthropist

Crafters Sew 3 Masks in Memory of Leake Family

Video Description: Dominique, White Italian woman, wearing wayfarers glasses and a gold Sicilian, Italian hoop earrings is in the video. She has on a white lace headband, her dark brown hair in a bun, and a white top. She is in the video; it is auto captioned. She is discussing what the 30th Anniversary ADA and Disability Justice means to her.

Maryland State Arts Council #ADA 30

I had the fantastic opportunity of being involved with the Maryland State Arts Council video project for their ADA 30 Celebration. Here’s my video!

What a great way to represent our local Eastern Shore community, as well as Salisbury too! Thank you to the Maryland State Arts Council for including me in their ADA 30 Celebration.

Click to the side to read the video description if needed.

Want to connect with me? Send all inquires, questions, and thoughts to my email:

The logo is to the right. The text reads Salisbury and there’s lines. Description of the flag: A black flag crossed diagonally from top left to bottom right by a “lightning bolt” band divided into parallel stripes of five colors: light blue, yellow, white, red, and green. There are narrow bands of black between the colors.

Salisbury MD and Eastern Shore Maryland Advocacy

Something that I’m extremely passionate about is making sure that my local community and the Eastern Shore of Maryland is represented in conversations of disability advocacy. Let’s make sure that disability is represented in our local community!

Volunteering During COVID-19

In March of 2020, I organized a PPE drive called “Delmarva COVID Crafters.” We now are a crafting club for charity called “Delmarva Crafters.” We craft for charity, are inclusive of adaptive crafting, and help support our local underserved community. Our desire is for everyone to be safe, cared for, and supported during a pandemic— and post pandemic. Adaptive PPE is a passion of mine. Everyone deserves designs that improves designs that improves their lives. It continues to be something that I advocate and push forward for.

Adaptive PPE Partners

It’s been amazing to be able to collaborate and partner with so many fantastic community initiatives to help those with disabilities stay safe during COVID-19! Please click the link below to learn more about how these organizations are keeping our disability safe. If you are interested in producing Adaptive PPE, let me know!

Supporters of Adaptive PPE

a Barbie doll with dark brown skin is sitting in a blue manual chair. She has black coily hair & it’s pulled into 2 puffs. She’s wearing jeans and a striped shirt.

Committed to Accessibility

I’m committed to accessibility in all ways. If something is inaccessible or could be improved, please email me. The ideal world to me is a world where everyone has access.

William & Megan James

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