Our Writers

We feature a lot of alternating writers so you may see a lot of different writers, interviews, etc. on the site! This is a way to get to know our recurring writers who have recurring articles on the site. We want everyone to feel like a family here!

If you like their writing and want to get in touch than please make sure to put their name in the subject line if their email is not in the bio below!

Meet Jessie!

Jessie has cerebral palsy. Like most twenty somethings: she’s had her fair share of romantic up and downs. She loves sharing her dating advice — and her life as a disabled 20 something in the dating game. When she’s not writing for TGITPW: you can find her talking about makeup, fashion, and about some of her favorite shows.

[She — may I also add — has been one of my longtime friends and an integral part of TGITPW. She has been supportive in every step; including helping with the group, brainstorming, etc. I appreciate you, Jessie!]




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