1. How can I submit something to be published? Please go to the Contact section and get in touch with us (or email us directly; it’s listed on the Contact page) and share your story! I’m always craving more stories to be published on this website.

After your story is emailed, it’ll be reviewed and edited (if need be) and later on published. Please include your name (you can use only your first name or pseudonym  if so desired), age, and what your disability is. Not only do I want to share your story, but raise awareness of your disability.

2. What are your posting guidelines for stories? As long as you’re disabled, your piece is free of racism, homophobia, hatred, etc.,: please send it over. All work also must be your own, as well. Besides the general rule of being a good person: I’m very open minded!

3. Do I get paid for submitting my writing pieces on here? Do you make money off my writing on this site? I wish I could pay every single person whose writing, story, etc. was featured on this platform. However, I cannot. There is no monetary gain to submitting to your writing. I also do not make monetary gain either from TGITPW. My gain simple lays in recognition. This site is ran by me as a way to give back. All the shirts for example are a way for me to maintain website costs.This is completely a project of the heart.

I’m sure some brands could recognize me as a figure and say, “Let’s give her something to try out!” And yes, I will totally try it out, but capitalize off disabled women which is a double minority? No way. Your content also belongs to you and never to me. This site is just like any other digital platform. You are not selling your work to me; it just hosts it.

4. My article is about sex. Is that okay? Yes! Let’s talk more about sex! Let’s also talk more about caregivers! Let’s talk about the weird and uncomfortable things. They need as much spotlight as the sexy times. Let’s talk about ALL of things that make able bodied people say, “STOP THAT RIGHT NOW”! Right?!

5. I’m a male, but I’d like out reach out about a possible writing/creative project. Is that okay? Yes — totally! Let’s talk! Send an email or reach out to me via my Contact Form.


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