Thank You to Those Roll Up Their Sleeves: Words from the (FULLY!) Vaccinated

I received my second vaccine on the 6th of April. I cannot put into words what I feel. None of us thought we would live during a pandemic. I imagine that our ancestors felt this way as they braved pandemics, too. Yet – they survived, too. Each time that I rolled up my sleeve, IContinue reading “Thank You to Those Roll Up Their Sleeves: Words from the (FULLY!) Vaccinated”

July is Disability Pride Month!

July is Disability Pride Month! That’s right! PRIDE MONTH! 30 days of Disability Pride! Just like the image says, I’m going to be using the platform here to be taking advantage of how we can celebrate inclusion. It’s also so important to encourage and promote accessibility. I’m beyond excited to show off the incredible diversityContinue reading “July is Disability Pride Month!”

Finding Self Love as a Disabled 20 Something Woman

Self love is something that you read about incessantly if you are addicted to Pinterest like me. Come on, I am not the only one. Or am I? It’s also become more popular — too — on Instagram.  Self love is something that has been as foreign to me as understanding people who are naturally morningContinue reading “Finding Self Love as a Disabled 20 Something Woman”