About Me

Hi, I’m Dominique! She/her. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by while I share about myself.

Image Description: Dominique is holding an iPhone, sitting in her manual pink wheelchair, wearing gray flats and black leggings with a baggy pink sweater. She has long brown curly hair.

Want to reach out directly about questions, ideas or even talk about the Eastern Shore of MD in relation to disability? Shoot me an email below!

You may know from my articles that I’m a full-time wheelchair user. There’s no other color besides pink – if you ask me! I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and love my city of Salisbury, MD. It’s a pretty groovy city if you ask me.

I have an unspecified neuromuscular disease/neurological disease of genetic origin. You may say, “What exactly does that mean? Huh?” It means that I go through a lot of testing for more conclusive answers. It has affected a majority of my life including my body. We know it’s of genetic origin. When I explain this in “funny” terms, I simply say that my genes are wonky and mutated. Kind of like being an X-Men – except nobody knows what my power is yet. (X-Men are totally rad by the way.) It may surprise you that many people are like me, too. There are lot of people all over, including babies, with undiagnosed genetic conditions due to genes still being researched.

My heart’s passion is to help people and to make a substantial difference in this beautiful world. 

This project was founded by my desire to put myself out there to help people. I wanted to combine my passion of writing to help others. This project has transformed my life in many ways. It’s lead to meeting so many people and forming beautiful friendships.

I am so many things, but one thing I believe that I am most is a dreamer. I hope that my dream of helping others here can hopefully give the help that I so desperately needed when I was a young girl in a chair. Those first years were when I needed an outlet for help the most.

Love, Dom

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