Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by while I share about myself.

Dominique smiles at the camera. She wears Wayfarer glasses, has long curly brown hair, and wears a silver Southern Italian amulet,. The photo is shot in black and white. She is wearing a blouse and tank top

Description of Photo: Dominique is smiling. She has long curly hair. She is wearing glasses & an Italian amulet. The photo is shot in black & white.

Inclusion is the epitome of true beauty

Dominique (she/her/hers/) is a disability advocate who created The Girl in The Pink Wheelchair. Her digital advocacy project has allowed women and young girls to unite, uplift one another, and find a connective solution through her platform. 

Dominique envisions a future where individuals of all ages with disabilities no longer experience barriers to access or ableism (discrimination against an individual with a disability). She believes this is possible by engaging and educating on advocacy. 

Dominique resides on the Lower Eastern Shore in Salisbury, Maryland. She is a Board member for Assistive Technology Loan Program Board of Directors of Maryland. She is also a Commissioner for the Maryland Commission on Disabilities. She is the Director of Accessibility and Inclusion for the Water’s Edge Museum. For the City of Salisbury, she serves as a Kindness Commissioner for Kind SBY. For her beloved City, she serves on Salisbury’s Disability Advisory Committee, Salisbury’s Parks and Recreation Committee, Salisbury’s Arts and Entertainment District Board. When not involved with these projects, she’s the founder of Delmarva Crafters.

What a gift to share myself, my life, and my words with you. Thank you.

Photo ID: Dominique is a white Italian woman in a pink manual chair. She is wearing a pink hoodie, black leggings, black Vans, gray socks, and a hair wrap. Her hair is in a bun. Her arms are crossed, she is smiling at the camera. The background behind her says “Ocean, City MD”; it’s a mural

Hi, there! I’m Dominique. Most people call me Dom.

I’m an Italian American woman who hopes her life brings you joy. I love sharing my life here through photos and words. You can connect further with me on Instagram. A new friend is only a hello away!

I’m always doing some kind of craft (check and use my hashtag #AdaptiveCrafting) or looking online for craft supplies coupons. I’m a big believer in British tea. I am no longer a coffee person. My dear uncle was right. It was a fad. Alas. I love snail mail, history, and creative outlets.

I’ve been a full-time wheelchair user since I was 17. I use a wheelchair due to having a neuromuscular disease (aka “NMD”). Technically, I have an unspecified neuromuscular disease-neurological disease of genetic origin. 

You may be thinking, “What exactly does that mean?”  In many ways, I’m an X-Men because I’m a genetic mutant! Yet nobody knows what my power is. It may surprise you that many people are like me. There are people all over, including babies, with undiagnosed genetic diseases due to genes still being researched. Rare diseases are not so rare, I promise you. And X-Men are pretty cool.

My heart’s passion is to help people. That passion is what inspired me to start this project and be an advocate. Reshaping advocacy, accessibility, and making the concept of disability

I wanted to find ways to connect with other women with disabilities. It soon grew into a way for me to share my life, my journey, and my heart with you all. And that’s what I do.

I share my heart. Most of all, I welcome you to be loved in this space by me, no matter where you are.

With love from me to you — Dom”

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